EVENTS (2019-20)

Celebrating Independence day, Dussera, Onam, Diwali, Christmas were part of our institution which we do every year. Along with these, we also celebrate Teachers’ Day and acknowledge their effort and contribution for our children. All teachers received gifts and lunch was arranged for all. The special touch was given by the vocation training unit students who made chocolates and candles and made special packing with teachers day message for their loving teachers.


Open Day

Akshadhaa Foundation welcomed all parents and professionals to come for the OPEN DAY - An exhibition of the uniquely designed, customised handmade academic, therapeutic teaching materials, Vocation skill training models.

Akshadhaa Foundation has been working for the last seven years providing therapy and rehabilitation services to the population with Autism and Intellectual Disability. It was an enriching visit for all who visited us on the Open Day.


International Yoga Day

Strated the Yoga day with Surya Namaskar along with exercise, stretching and few more yoga postures with meditational music in the background. Mrs. Nalini conducted the sessions so well and it was apt for children of all age group.


One with Nature

"ONE WITH NATURE" the volunteering event with the ANZ employees and the children of Akshadhaa. Such a wonderful bonding we witnessed, where everyone worked together, created cute planters and helped to beautify the surrounding. Thanks to each and everyone to make it a memorable day for us!


Car wash@ Allegis

Car washing was a novelty experience for our trainees at ALLEGIS. They were given the opportunity to do car wash under the guidance of a trainer at Allegis. A new beginning in a real car wash scenario at the parking lot in Allegis, Bannerghatta Road.


Hospitality @ Dell food court

Our selected trainees from Akshadhaa were privileged with a small working experience in Back end cafeteria. Here they could see the real working model and learn and experience working in the very real environment of the cafeteria at Hatti kappi and Dell food court.


Digitization @ Dell EMC

Four of our students got work exposure at Dell EMC Bangalore- In the domain of digitization. They were given a window opportunity to digital work in the real corporate working environment.


Disability NGO Alliance

Akshadhaa foundation is a member of Disability NGO Alliance (DNA). A dedicated participant of MISSION 1000 Drive of DNA. Fostering the collaborative effort.

Also a empanelled training partner of DELL MISSION 1000 in Workability skill training and placement of candidates in open internship opportunities and job placements in open/supported opportunities.



DRUMCIRCLE facilitated by Community Drumjam Bangalore team. Students of our school and volunteers of ANZ had a gala time with music, rhythm and songs.


Visit by ANZ Bank Volunteers

Volunteers from ANZ Bank had a great opportunity to explore the world of Autism at Akshadhaa through art medium. They got to come close and see the innocent world of our children and their unique talent and capabilities. The out come of the day was a display of "Art Boom" splendid paintings done by volunteers and children filled the school notice board and walls with an array of colorful painting exhibits.




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