EVENTS (2016-17)

At school we celebrate most of the major national and cultural festivals as we believe the learning becomes more stronger and vivid with experiential learning rather than book reading.


The Independence day celebration included group talk session with audio visual, quiz, various craft work themed on National flag colours, movement and dance with flags, pompoms, making tri-colour sandwich and singing patriotic songs. We saw them cheering younger friends, clapping, giving slogan JAI HO. We saw them dancing for each other, cheering for each other. A wonderful opportunity to practice social behaviour in actual sense !


Dussera, Diwali and Christmas were also celebrated with much enthusiasm and at each step the thought was kept simple and experiential the way the children can absorb the essence of each festival and remember and take part at the same time.



With many new sparkling and tons of innovative ideas the 5th Summer Camp SAIL BOAT was conducted for three weeks. Different kinds of kinaesthetic activities, voice-drama workshop, recycling and upcycling of stuff to make unique art items were the part of the camp.


Community Connect- Buddiz ; Leading to Inclusive Community

There was a workshop for parents and professionals on Diet and Food Allergy with autism at the institution. Renowned paediatrician and autism consultant Ms. Shilpa Rao has conducted the workshop. She talked about many unknown factors about food, their usage, different myths we follow and specifically the ideal diet and food ingredients that we should practice or avoid for a child with autism. At the end of the talk there was interactive question answer session where parents got opportunity to clear their doubts and concerns regarding food.


NATURE CONNECT - World Environment Day

5th June is celebrated as World Environment Day to raise global awareness to take positive environmental action to protect nature and the planet Earth. We believe every human being is responsible for saving his environment and not only somebody, government or organisations working for it. We also believe, our children need to get exposure and awareness of the elements around us what we call “Nature” and take part to restore them. The children got exposure with different soils, manures, while knowing indoor and outdoor plants, making herbarioum and finally taking one potted plant home. The elder students had an outdoor trip to plant nursery of APD (Association for People with Disabilities), where our children got engrossed with varieties of plantation activities, observed learned and performed without any tantrum, without being anxious.



The children of pre-voc section took the effort to take part in cleaning the community, roads near the school area. Everyone learned the benefit of cleaning environment and the hazards of non biodegradable items for soil through ppt presentations before going for the outdoor task. They were also told the hygiene factor they need to follow during cleaning time. The activity was enjoyed by all.



The assembly hall of the school was made to set as a movie theatre, with the projector screen and rows of chairs. Two different show timings were set for different age group of children. The children enjoyed the day with movie, popcorn, chilps and juice. The elder group swayed and sang “Let it go” with movie ‘Frozen” while ‘Bob the Engine’, ‘Rio’ mesmerized the younger ones.



To give a sensorial learning and exposure with a different medium, Clay station day was arranged at school. Nature clay is very calming, helps to relieve stress and develop fine motor skill and dexterity. To develop imaginative skill build up and keep minds busy, playing with clay is so very useful.

diya making


The Creative art unit was in its 2nd year and our students are doing excellent progress in skill development. This year more than 300 designer diyas were sold during auspicious festival of Deepavali. The students learnt crafting them with colours, designer stones and packaging of the sets. The products were appreciated and procured by few companies inner circle sale, parents and friends. The profit is used as stipend for the student apprenticeship.



A week long plan was made with lot of fun activities, games, park visits, and swimming pool trip for different age group of children. Each and every child received exciting gift and snacks pack at the end of the day.


Independent Cafe– initiative under I-vocation project

The I-vocation project had started working on providing skill training in Hospitality Industry Segment from base level. It is one of its kind of approach to bring exposure and hands on training in back of the house restaurant job, baking, counter serving, taking order and many more. Mother’s Day Cafe was designed with the thought of giving the students mock training, as the same time giving wonderful time for the 12 invited mothers, in the laid back cafe, amidst greenery, rejuvenating music and a spread out lip smacking brunch menu.


Kaleidoscope’16 - 4th Annual Day Celebration

Annual day extravaganza was set with tons of laughter and loads of colours as the children at Akshadhaa ended the year with a bang. It was the time to cherish their appearance with colourful and bright costumes, to praise and applaud them for the immense effort they took to overcome all sensory or physical odds.


Blessings Fun Fair 2017

The students and the teachers of the vocational department were proud to present at the ‘Blessing Funfair’ all the beautiful, innovative and useful products that they have been making as a part of their training. It was an exhibition cum sale which had in display horticulture potted plants, homemade chocolates, handmade greeting cards, book marks and friendship bands. The fair was a grand success due to all the volunteers and parents support and enthusiasm.



Akshadhaa Foundation always worked with a mission to empower parents with knowledge, methodology, new and creative techniques that work wonder for the children with developmental delay, intellectual disability and autism. The Open Day welcomed all parents to come and visualize the ‘Creative Learning Arena’ at our premise. There was a short knowledge sharing meet at the end of the event.


Display of Blessings Home made chocolates and decorative pots at Artville Cafe

The Vocation unit got an opportunity to have a display cum sale of the homemade assorted chocolates in a Cafe in the nearby community. We were thankful to the generous minds at Artville for bringing this opportunity and letting us use their space.


Akshadhaa Family day 2017

Every year we at Akshadhaa Foundation look forward to this break – break from usual routine and spend a day with music, rhythm, games, food and loads of fun! The parents, staff and children had their day of oneness with the nature at Jain Farms. Social mingling, sharing the moments of joy and laughter, forgetting all the stress were the main aim of the event and thanks to the support of the volunteer, parents, and all the hands that worked together to make this day a memorable event of the year!





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